Things to never say to a Fibromyalgia Patient…

As someone who deals with Fibromyalgia daily there are just some things I wish people would stop saying to me and others that have the illness.
1) Fibromyalgia isn’t a real disease. Well, let me say for all of us who suffer from it, IT IS REAL! The pain and fatigue are real. The sleepless nights are real. Also, the FDA has approved medications to treat Fibromyalgia and they generally don’t approve medications for imaginary illnesses.
2) We all get aches and pains as we get older. Yes, we all to get more aches and pains, but the pains most of us with Fibromyalgia feel are intensified. And for a great many of us we begin to experience pain at an age when we shouldn’t hurt.
3) If you sleep more you will feel better. Well, sleep is important, but unfortunately the ability stay asleep is a challenge. Often even after a full night of sleep people with Fibromyalgia still do not awake refreshed because the body does not get into the deepest stage of sleep. Therefore, even if you manage to stay asleep for several hours, you’re most likely not going to awaken feeling refreshed. This is the reason that sleep aids are often prescribed.
4) You need to get more exercise. Most fibromyalgia treatment plans include exercise, but it must be approached slowly and carefully to avoid triggering a flare.
5) You don’t look sick. If I we let ourselves go and really showed how bad we feel then people would not want to be around us. Yet, when we try to focus on feeling better and but on a “brave face” then we do not look sick. I know that for me personally when I do my hair and make-up I tend to feel better even if I have to rest afterwards.
Our families and friends mean well. This is a note for them. Please be considerate and think before you speak. It is not easy for those of us with the illness. It can also prevent a very negative response for the person with the illness. People tend to be a bit grumpy when they do not feel at their best.

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