Waiting again

Another day with pain and waiting for yet another MRI and still have tons of spams with lots of spasticity and pain. I spend more time in hospitals and doctors offices these days. If it is not imagining, then it physical  therapy or pain doctors. Long days filled with little good news.

Today was no different. Back to surgery I go. This will make the 5th surgery in the last 7 months. Per the MRI I have a large cyst that is compressing my spinal cord. This explains why I have increased weakness in my right leg causing me to be more off balance. Plus there is the increase in spams which equates to more pain. 

It is really hard to stay positive and to be thankful. I know that God is there and he loves me, so when is this going to stop?  When is God going to help me / heal me? Maybe never in this lifetime but for now all I can do is pray and have faith. Be blessed! 

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