Trying something new

My workouts at the gym seemed to be hitting a plateau. My walking and balance were not progressing much. So I decided forgo the gym and try yoga. After a 3 year search I finally found an amazing yoga instructor that comes to me twice a week for an hour. In just 3 short weeks there has been lots of improvement. The first few times I tried this I fell over. Because I lost balance and proprioception (the ability to know where my limbs are in space), when I cannot physically see my legs they tend to do their own thing. I still practice crawling as I believe that it has aided and continues to aid my ability to do more and more.

The plan is to continue doing yoga and gradually add the gym back in. My body tires very easily and it has required me to make adjustments to my daily life including the way and for how long I exercise. Because I have difficulty regulating body temperature I have to make sure I am hydrated and I don’t over exert myself. One major change is I really do not sweat from my torso down. This means my body cannot naturally cool it self by sweating. So becoming overheated is a real hazard.

So thankful for all that God has brought me through and continues to bring me through. Some days are filled with pain and tears while others are filled with blessings, joy and laughter. No matter what it is God is with me every moment refining me every step of the way for His glory.

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