With a little practice

Walking with a cane while using my Bioness.

I took this video about a week ago. I am using my Bioness system again after having them recalibrated as the feeling in my legs, balance, and proprioception has changed. The Bioness sends an electric signal to my feet, causing them to lift at the ankles. When I use them with my LifeGlider I can walk hands free. My LifeGlider keeps me strapped in and if I lose my balance, it protects me from falling.

On this day I felt very stable, so I tried using my cane. About 3 years ago, I had a pastor/friend pray over me. He told me my legs were healed and to keep talking to them, telling them, “you are healed.” I have done this and often tell them, “you can do this.” Almost every time I speak to them, I accomplish the task and more. God continues to heal me. I no longer take my legs for granted. Each time I stand, do yoga, or anything else with my legs, I know it is a gift.

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