Positive people bring a positive life

We all have the choice of who we spend our time with. Struggling with chronic illness and pain already tends to make life more difficult and often leaves us feeling down. When we hang out with negative people it only brings us
down more sucking the life out of us. Making us feel as if we cannot do much of anything. Instead, when we surround ourselves with positive people who encourage us, we flourish and succeed.

When positive people influence us, the help propel us forward. Whereas negative people cause us to doubt ourselves and we become stuck. By staying in a positive mode, we focus our attention on what we can do instead of what we cannot do. This usually keeps our mindset on the positive things making our ability to handle pain, our illness, and our other deficits much easier. It also causes us to push forward and work harder towards our goals.

By choosing to have positive people in our lives we improve our chances of a positive life. When we are around people who encourage us and bring us up, we feel better overall. When we feel better, we feel stronger and are ready to face new challenges. This allows us to move forward and strive for new heights. So, please do not make the mistake of keeping negative people around who will only bring you a negative life.

Note: The photo above was taken this morning by me. This is my view from my back yard. God is truly amazing! His beauty surrounds us.

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