We set our limits

No matter what we are facing, we choose our limits. Even on high pain days, we have a choice. We can let our pain stop us, or we can take time to rest, believe that tomorrow will be better, and keep moving forward.

Each breath we take is a blessing. Let’s not waste it. When we are faced with a chronic illness, a life altering disability, or anything that disrupts our daily lives, it’s challenging to see our blessings.  When I have high pain days with lots of muscle spams and spasticity, I find it difficult to see my blessings. But through prayer and refocus, I begin to be more thankful and look at my blessings. This helps me better deal with my injury, pain and depression.

Life is tough, but we have the choice to live it or let it live us.  We set our own limits; therefore, we can push forward even if it’s a tiny step or give up. Don’t let others, like our doctors and family, dictate what our lives are going to be. Instead, through prayer and refocus set your own goals because the possibilities are endless..

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