Good things are coming

When we concentrate on the future and believe that good things are coming, we often prevail. Of course, the opposite is also true. If we fixate on our troubles, we lose hope and our faith diminishes making it difficult to move forward keeping us stuck.

Some may think I am full of hot air. Well, I live with chronic pain daily because of my spinal cord injury and Chiari Malformation. I have a condition called Allydonia which causes the skin on my torso to feel like there is acid being poured on it all the while it is being stretched to capacity. My pain level can go from a 2 to an 8 in seconds. I share this not because I want you to have sorry for me, but because I wish for you to realize that I understand how difficult it can be to have faith and hope when you deal with such obstacles.

Each day is a new day, allowing us to continue focusing on the future. No matter what we face, whether it is a chronic illness, a family issue, and/or a trauma, we have the choice to have hold and truth or to give up. I choose to keep moving forward because I recognize God is with me. He has brought me through many battles stronger than I started. He continues to refine me and because of this; I know good things are just around the corner.

4 thoughts on “Good things are coming

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  2. Sometimes I have to look to what God brought me through in the past to find hope for the future. He has always been faithful and does just what will help me the most. Like you said, we can make it with faith in our God. I’m sorry to hear about the searing pain in your torso. That sounds just terrible. Thank you for sharing your hope with us.

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