Gratefulness Can Change Our Lives

You have overcome, survived all the bad days even when you did not think you could, and you will get through the next obstacle. But you must first change the way you think. Stop allowing all the negative thoughts from taking over by approaching the day with gratefulness. Have you ever started your day focusingContinue reading “Gratefulness Can Change Our Lives”

His plan never fails

  The disabled life is frequently one that disallows much control. The timing, severity, and location of symptoms, our upcoming procedures and even our medical providers are subject to change at moment’s notice. It is often a struggle not to focus on being in “control”. So, we plan and imagine what the outcome is goingContinue reading “His plan never fails”

Good things take time

We often forget to be patient with ourselves. When we stumble, we begin to criticize ourselves developing a negative mindset. Over time, this will keep derail us and our persistence diminishes causing us to give up. Instead, as we move forward remember it is acceptable to sometimes take a moment to re-access the situation, takeContinue reading “Good things take time”