Have a blessed Earth Day 🌎

Celebrating Earth Day with a picture I took of one of the many of God’s creations that come to visit daily. Spring time is such a reminder of all that God has created. As flowers bloom, trees flourish, and new life is created we celebrate our beautiful planet. It is our responsibility to take care of the precious gift afforded to us.

May your Earth Day be a blessing to you and those around you. Celebrate our planet and help to keep it thriving.

With a little practice

I took this video about few weeks ago. I am using my Bioness system again after having them recalibrated as the feeling in my extremities, balance, and proprioception has changed. The Bioness sends an electric signal to my feet, causing them to lift at the ankles. When I use them with my LifeGlider I can walk hands free. My LifeGlider keeps me strapped in and if I lose my balance, it protects me from falling.

On this day I felt very stable, so I tried using my cane. I have not been able to do this for the last 4 years.  About 3 1/2 years ago, I had a pastor/friend pray over me. He told me my limbs were healed and to keep talking to them, telling them, “you are healed.” I have done this and often I tell my legs, “you can do this.” Almost every occasion I speak to them, I accomplish the task and more. God continues to heal me. I no longer take my legs for granted. So, each time I stand, do yoga, or anything else using my legs, I know it is a gift.

Change a heart

2 Corinthians 9:7  “Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

No matter what goes on in our daily lives, we all the opportunity to do something nice for others. It can be as simple as a smile, giving up your seat to allow someone else to sit down and rest, or pay for someone’s coffee. There are so many ways we can show others kindness.

In doing nice things for others, you may change their heart or maybe even yours. I dare you to stay angry or down after showing others kindness. Our world is full of negativity, but there are a lot of great people with big hearts in it as well. So why not flood our communities with goodness and love?

Sometimes blessings come from tragedy

Living with uncertainty daily as to whether it will be a low pain, or a high pain day is difficult. It is further complicated by the fact that I help homeschool two of my grandchildren daily. My granddaughter is a 1st grader, and my grandson is a 4th grader.  This requires extra planning, patients, and less of the old perfectionist me. But the real blessing is watching them learn and grow. When they discover something new and their eyes light up warms my heart.

Still, I must navigate the pain and medication schedule so that I am able to assist them. It is hard when I have those days where for no real reason my pain goes from a 2 to 6 in an instance. I have discovered that explaining how I am feeling is important. It allows them to learn empathy for others and gives them an opportunity give back. For example, there are times I must sit down and put my feet up. Both children allow me to sit and bring their computers over to me and we continue with their lessons. They are both ready to help me as well. My grandson will ask if I need for him to get me anything. My granddaughter will help put my recliner up and down.

Teaching children how to be helpful, patient, and give back is something that seems to be lost these days. So many children today are only concerned with what can “I get” or “how does this benefit me”. I believe children like to be useful and feel like they are accomplishing things. For example, my granddaughter loves to help Swiffer and fold laundry. Now she might not do a perfect job but that is not what is important. Teaching her how to do the task and praising her for the job she completes is what counts. No matter what the task is giving positive reinforcement is crucial. This allows the child to learn, give back and gives them the ability to accomplish new things. This causes them to grow.

This injury has dramatically changed my life. I live daily with having to take medications multiple times a day to control pain, spasticity, muscle spasms, and sometimes to help with anxiety. But in many ways, it has changed it for the better. It has caused me to slow down, not to take any part of life for granted, and to have patients. It has also taught me how to receive and given me precious time with my grandchildren allowing me to teach them so many things including tolerance and acceptance. Plus, I have also the time to maintain my blog, to create fun crafts, garden, and to share it all with my family.

Create Your Opportunities

Instead of waiting around for opportunities to find us, we can create our own. Living with chronic illness of any kind can bring feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of “I can’t do…”. But it is in these situations one finds important opportunities to create fantastic experiences. For example, when traditional yoga was an issue for me, I looked for an alternative. I found an instructor that came to my home (before Covid) and helped me structure a program that met my needs. I continue to work with her via zoom. This has helped me to progress and become stronger. Allowing my body to further repair and create new neuro pathways. This has assisted with my balance and proprioception.

If you opened your eyes this morning you were afforded another day. So don’t hesitate take the blessing and create your own opportunity.