When exteded care is needed- how to choose

Your loved one needs more care Your loved one is hospitalized for what everyone thought was routine. A hip or knee replacement, or a recent bought of pneumonia. Yet, in comes the Case Manager or Discharge Planner who states that the patient needs “more “care but at a lower level. This person also states that the patientContinue reading “When exteded care is needed- how to choose”

Resident Rights in Long-Term Care

Resident Rights Long Term Care Facility/Nursing Home patients/residents have rights. These rights have certain protections under the law. The long term care facility must list and give all new residents a copy of these rights upon admission. These rights should also be addressed with the patient(s) at least annually. Resident(s) rights usually include: Respect: A patient/residentContinue reading “Resident Rights in Long-Term Care”