Residents have the right to be free from restraints

Many of us have heard stories of residents in a LTC (Long-term Care) or Assisted Living being restrained. What does that really mean? And if restraints are used are the residents’ rights being violated? Per California regulations a resident has the right to be free from physical and chemical restraint. The patient has the right toContinue reading “Residents have the right to be free from restraints”

When exteded care is needed- how to choose

Your loved one needs more care Your loved one is hospitalized for what everyone thought was routine. A hip or knee replacement, or a recent bought of pneumonia. Yet, in comes the Case Manager or Discharge Planner who states that the patient needs “more “care but at a lower level. This person also states that the patientContinue reading “When exteded care is needed- how to choose”

Resident Rights in Long-Term Care

Resident Rights Long Term Care Facility/Nursing Home patients/residents have rights. These rights have certain protections under the law. The long term care facility must list and give all new residents a copy of these rights upon admission. These rights should also be addressed with the patient(s) at least annually. Resident(s) rights usually include: Respect: A patient/residentContinue reading “Resident Rights in Long-Term Care”

Fiduciary Abuse- A growing problem

What is Fiduciary Abuse? This is a situation by which an individual who is legally responsible for managing another person’s assets uses his or her power to benefit financially in an unethical or illegal manner. Fiduciary abuse can be done by anyone such as a financial advisor, power of attorney, or family member. A GrowingContinue reading “Fiduciary Abuse- A growing problem”