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Create Your Opportunities

Instead of waiting around for opportunities to find us, we can create our own. Living with chronic illness of any kind can bring feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of “I can’t do…”. But it is in these situations one finds important opportunities to create fantastic experiences. For example, when traditional yoga was an issue for me, I looked for an alternative. I found an instructor that came to my home (before Covid) and helped me structure a program that met my needs. I continue to work with her via zoom. This has helped me to progress and become stronger. Allowing my body to further repair and create new neuro pathways. This has assisted with my balance and proprioception.

If you opened your eyes this morning you were afforded another day. So don’t hesitate take the blessing and create your own opportunity.

Enjoy today

” May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

God gave us a gift of another day when He woke us up this morning. Rejoice and share it with those around you. Our time is not promised and spending the time angry or holding a grudge is not fruitful, but sharing a smile, helping someone, or just giving others the gift of our time is. So, enjoy your day because you only get to live it once!

Could CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology Be an Answer to Chronic Pain?

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Could CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology Be an Answer to Chronic Pain?

Love is an action word

For most people the phrase “I love you,” gets used multiple times per day. But how often do we show those around us how much we treasure them? Love is an action word designed to show our loved ones how much they mean in our lives. It is not complicated, nor does it require big actions. In fact, it is the small things that connect us.

Something as simple as a hug that is a little longer and tighter will convey how you feel. Or maybe a kiss that is lengthier instead of a quick peck as you run out the door. You could even reach over and grab their hand while you sit and watch TV at night. Or maybe send them a brief text or two during the day letting your loved one see you are thinking about them. The point is, you can let those around you know how much they mean to you by showing them.

Our time together on earth is short. So take a moment to show your family and friends how significant they are. Saying “I love you” is still meaningful, but showing them connects us on a much deeper level.

Good things are coming

When we concentrate on the future and believe that good things are coming, we often prevail. Of course, the opposite is also true. If we fixate on our troubles, we lose hope and our faith diminishes making it difficult to move forward keeping us stuck.

Some may think I am full of hot air. Well, I live with chronic pain daily because of my spinal cord injury and Chiari Malformation. I have a condition called Allydonia which causes the skin on my torso to feel like there is acid being poured on it all the while it is being stretched to capacity. My pain level can go from a 2 to an 8 in seconds. I share this not because I want you to have sorry for me, but because I wish for you to realize that I understand how difficult it can be to have faith and hope when you deal with such obstacles.

Each day is a new day, allowing us to continue focusing on the future. No matter what we face, whether it is a chronic illness, a family issue, and/or a trauma, we have the choice to have hold and truth or to give up. I choose to keep moving forward because I recognize God is with me. He has brought me through many battles stronger than I started. He continues to refine me and because of this; I know good things are just around the corner.