Things not to say to Chronic Pain sufferers…

As someone who deals with chronic pain daily there are just some things, Iwish people would stop saying to me and to others who suffer from chronic paindue to illnesses such as Spinal Cord Injury, Chiari Malformation, Fibromyalgia,MS, and Lupus to name a few. Me and my fellow suffers realize that people justwant to beContinue reading “Things not to say to Chronic Pain sufferers…”

Spreading Knowledge and Joy

I learned something new and beautiful today and I want to to share it with others. Please take 8 mins and watch the video below. It brings musical knowledge as well as spiritual growth. What a truly amazing God we serve.

Feeling Blessed

Each morning I wake up is another day on my crazy journey, but most importantly it is a day to “keep moving forward.” Although this may be true, it often gets lost in the frustration of living with chronic illness and pain. For me it takes deliberate thoughts of hope and lots of conversations withContinue reading “Feeling Blessed”